About Us


Exploring your life's purpose—whether it's making a positive impact on society, starting your own business, or tapping into your creativity at work—is like embarking on an exciting journey. Going beyond what's familiar, facing uncertainties, seizing opportunities, and overcoming challenges become thrilling achievements on the path to success.

The Adventure Institute is a pioneering South African initiative dedicated to equipping you with a unique mindset and a diverse set of skills to navigate the intricacies of today’s dynamic and ever-changing landscape. Our courses cater to a broad spectrum, addressing the needs of individuals, companies, and groups alike, fostering both soft and hard skills.

Benefit from the guidance of experienced lecturers and facilitators boasting decades of local and international “real-world” experience. They are here to assist you in gaining clarity amidst global economic activity changes and the impacts of artificial intelligence on the job market. These seasoned professionals help you navigate and overcome prevalent workplace challenges and limitations.

We debunk the widely accepted and unfortunate myth that creativity and innovation are reserved for a “special” group of people. Our mission is to guide you towards recognizing and seizing great opportunities in a world filled with endless possibilities.

We have developed two categories of courses and qualifications to achieve the above goals:

Living a life of adventure

Embrace a life filled with excitement and discovery in our courses and workshops focused on living adventurously. We guide individuals to seamlessly weave the spirit of adventure into their daily work and personal life. Picture adventure as the heart of your career, allowing you to contribute significantly to society in your chosen field of fascination. Explore the intricacies of risk, step beyond your comfort zone, and learn the art of calculated risk-taking with us. It’s a journey that transforms your approach to challenges and opens up new opportunities.

Planning a career in outdoor adventure

Pursue a career in the adventure and outdoor industry with our comprehensive courses and qualifications. We offer well-rounded training for individuals aiming to make this dynamic field their professional focus. Through partnerships with top industry service providers, we ensure you receive the finest training opportunities available in South Africa.

Our goals are:

  • To facilitate holistic and inclusive industry determined qualifications
  • To create a sustainable movement of continuous professional development.
  • To contribute to a safe and professional industry
  • To inspire, train, access, launch, and mentor new entrepreneurs
  • To create and nurture the love for the outdoors and adventure
  • To market adventure as a state of mind, accessible to anyone, anywhere anytime


Our contributors

Our courses are designed and lectured by professionals in private business, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers and practitioners with decades of practical and theoretical experience in the local and international Outdoor and Adventure Industry.