Benefits of joining


The Adventure Institute offers a unique, nowhere else to be found, solution to the South African Outdoor and Adventure Industry.

The Institute combines the capacity of the inclusive South African Outdoor and Adventure economy to solve human capital and other resource challenges. All parties involved in this endeavor will inevitably be changed entities.



 After completion of the qualifications all students will:

  • Be in possession of a relevant qualification(s) tailor-made for the South African Experience Facilitation Industry part of The Outdoor and Adventure economy.
  • A unique South African certificate endorsed by the Adventure Institute (presented by no other entity in SA)
  • A National NQF5 Higher Certificate
  • An Internationally accredited module (University of Cumbria)
  • A minimum of 10 to 15 Unit Standards, and other secondary qualifications.
  • Multiple employment opportunities due to the diversity of qualifications.
  • Membership of the Outdoor Industry Association and Adventure Industry Association
  • Have access to workshops, special offers and presentations by the Outdoor and Adventure group
  • Have access to coaching and mentorship for as long as you are busy with your continuous professional development journey.
  • Have the opportunity for internship and job placement
  • Have links with international students and educators

Training Providers

Providers of programmes in partnership with the institute will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be part of a unique national skills development initiative with international partnerships
  • Have access to all students registered with the Institute
  • Be a partner not a competitor of the Institute
  • Be part of a national resource network
  • Marketing opportunities

South African Economy

Providers of programmes in partnership with the institute will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A more specific, but also holistically skilled workforce
  • Standards and quality in the workplace
  • A positive drive towards employment
  • Community upliftment in partnership with Outdoor Industry Association
  • Stimulate productive application of our unique and world-class natural spaces and resources.

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The Adventure Institute offers a combination of diverse qualifications designed for the Outdoor and Adventure industry, packaged and endorsed to serve as industry benchmarks – a combination that no other training institute or University offers.