The world of work has drastically changed over the last few years. Gone are the days of one size fits all, the Adventure Institute has adopted a strategy of aligning specific industry needs (current and future) with unique student (employee) profiles (skills, talents, and aspirations). The institute recognises the need to align academic and practical training with real-world gaps for skilled practitioners and entrepreneurs! The outdoor and adventure industry provides an opportunity to pursue a passionate career in a multi-faceted industry.

Each learning journey and entry into the working world is customised to your aspirations, experience and personality profile. Our goal is to nurture a continuous relationship with students long after their graduation. Graduates are motivated to become coaches, mentors and to constantly upskill in an ever-changing environment.

Living a life of adventure

Navigating your career, health, and crucial relationships shares many parallels with an adventurous journey. We delve into these connections by examining vital concepts such as stepping beyond your comfort zone, making calculated risk-taking decisions, distinguishing between perceived and real danger, and addressing the fear of rejection or failure.

Workshops and courses designed for living a life of adventure:

Planning a career in outdoor adventure?

Recognising individuals’ preferences and innate talents to work in outdoor adventure, we have crafted a selection of qualifications and courses that graduates can proudly assert themselves as the most well-trained individuals in South Africa.

Courses designed for pursuing a career in the outdoor adventure industry:

What makes us different?

  1. The institute programmes are frequently re-designing to address the in-demand industry skills.
  2. Students can at any time extend or specialise in existing courses.
  3. We have an integrated view of student and industry development.
  4. Programmes are personalised to align student profiles with industry needs.
  5. We maintain a personal mentoring and coaching relationship with each student.
  6. Our graduates will have multiple sub-qualifications that are relevant to serve in multiple different occupations and industries.
  7. The institute actively engages with industry to ensure practical internships and potential employment opportunities.
  8. All theory modules are tested, simulated and integrated into practical real-life scenarios.

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The benefits of joining

The Institute combines the capacity of the inclusive South African Outdoor and Adventure economy to solve human capital and other resources challenges. All parties involved in this endeavour will inevitably be changed entities.