Entrepreneurship. Creating value through problem-solving.

Where will we find meaningful and rewarding work? How can we re-energise or re-start our careers? When we torture employment and employee engagement figures, what they confess is the topic of a horror novel!

Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are the obvious answers to these crucial questions. These are described as the act of creating value through solving problems and creating change through taking risks. Returns of the venture may include creating other values than simply economic returns.

What is the impact?

What are the magic ingredients for a successful entrepreneurial venture? An original idea? Large amounts of capital? Having a superior IQ? Luck?

Luckily for us, none of these plays a significant part in the most inspiring entrepreneurial ventures around the world.

Passion, creativity, problem-solving, innovation, calculated risk-taking and stepping out of our comfort zones make for the most successful entrepreneurial ventures! All these skills and more can be taught and is no longer available to only a select few studying at expensive business schools.

What an exciting time to be alive in a world where a new breed of passionate social entrepreneurs are solving some of the most complex environmental and social problems!

As seen in many formal economies, the outdoor and adventure industry plays an integral part in effective land use and social development. We at the Adventure Institute would like to present the incredible opportunities available in these underutilised and underserved industries, ready for innovation!

How about solving some of the problems on this beautiful continent? What are you waiting for?

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Francois Nel

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