Entrepreneurship in a Digital Age 

Process: Nothing is more important in the new world of work than identifying and capitalising on new and existing market opportunities. During the Entrepreneurship in a Digital Age course, we form an interactive learning community in which we explore, discuss and apply pertinent concepts over four days. Top experts join as guest speakers, enhancing this process, as we cover inspiring case studies and engage in immersive business experiences to optimise learning.

Use the bouquet of useful qualifications acquired during the completion of Level 1 to launch your own enterprise or venture in you chosen field of fascination and apply your passion.

This course covers the following:

International trends and shifts in the nature of the economic activity

South Africa. Putting our challenges and many opportunities into perspective: problems=solutions=opportunities.

Introducing entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as powerful solutions to turn your career (and life) into an adventure.
Dispelling the myth that business innovation is the domain of only a “special” few, by providing you with tools and strategies to innovate. We introduce you to valuable processes and theories like Value Chain Analysis and the Design Thinking methodology applied in the process of innovation.

Arming you with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in personal and business branding.

Imparting and applying the theory of brand storytelling, is critical in finding your personal and professional voice.

Demystify the world of personal finances. We highlight the critical and often overlooked link between emotions and finances. You will feel relief as financial planning, budgets and investment processes are simplified. We leave you with a well-researched map and the belief that small steps can lead to big results.

Provide you with a compass to carefully navigate the complex relationship with stakeholders in your business.

Lastly, training you in the ever-changing world of social media marketing for you to truly connect with the customer you seek to delight.

Mode: Lectures, immersive business experiences and action learning projects.

Assessment: To be confirmed
Small group and individual assessments, presentation.

Presenters: Adventure Institute & Roarrr Consulting

Accreditation received: Adventure Institute Certificate

Venue: City Lodge, Lynnwood Bridge
Accommodation not included. Catering is included.

Who is this course for?

This course is for school leavers, students, employees, entrepreneurs and managers that would like to advance their careers. We undergo a journey where you will find or discover your passion and enthusiasm to activate your career into an adventure!


Boshoff Grobler
Boshoff has been a corporate entrepreneur for over twenty years, building new businesses within the largest listed financial services group on the African continent. Boshoff is also a social and spiritual entrepreneur, having established businesses in the hospitality, outdoor adventure and ministries sectors. He is a preacher, public speaker, writer, coach and consultant and loves encouraging others to be the change the world needs. 

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Francois Nel
Francois’s career spanning 30 years includes positions held in listed and unlisted companies, government departments, statutory organisations, as well as corporations both locally and internationally. Francois has worked in finance, accounting, financial and general management while also founding new entrepreneurial ventures in the outdoor and adventure industry. He is currently dedicated to unlocking the socio-economic benefits of the outdoor recreation industry by promoting entrepreneurship in Southern Africa.

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Ferdi Heunis
Ferdi thrives on seeing individuals, teams and organizations develop into authentic entities. He sees himself as an activator! Activating people/entities in their uniqueness and empowering them in becoming leaders wherever they find themselves. The future plays a big role in how he approaches development. That is why, over the past 12 years he has equipped himself with key personal and leadership development skills that will assist individuals, teams and organizations in seeing a better future and then co-create it. His dream is to play a role in the activation of authentic leadership in Africa.

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May 14 - 18 2024


All Day



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