Generic Adventure Site Guide

This accredited programme can be used as a foundation academic course for all adventure activities including hiking, paddling, bungee jumping, kiteboarding, surfing, 4×4 trails, canopy tours, mountain biking, etc.

Obtaining this qualification, along with the mountain walking guide qualification, allows you (a competent guide) to register with the Department of Tourism and work as a legally registered adventure guide in South Africa.

This qualification is the only programme that is ‘generic’ for adventure guides and allows you to guide multiple activities. Although termed a “site” guide, the guide is not restricted to a geographical site as the word “site” applies to his or her adventure speciality being practised in any place in South Africa.

This course is at the core of the qualification. After completing this course you will be able to register as a legal tour guide within a specific activity or scope (mountain walking guide) and able to execute commercial hiking activities within the scope of the tourism environment.

The following SAQA-registered National Qualifications unit standards fall part of this skills programme:

255914 – Minimise and manage safety and emergency incidents

246740 – Care for customers

335816 – Conduct a guided adventure experience

335803 – Research and design a guided experience at a prominent tourism site (Optional)

335801 – Conduct a tourist guiding activity

262320 – Manage and organise groups

262317 – Lead participants through an outdoor recreation and adventure activity

262305 – Plan and implement minimum environmental impact practices (Optional)

262246 – Set up and operate a camping site (Optional)

Mode: Online and practical

Process: Adventurous and experiential integration of theoretical knowledge and practical application, will result in you being legally qualified to start working in the world of adventure.

Assessment date:  3 – 6 July
Assessment will only be in Day Hiking, on-trail. It includes written exams and a practical in-field assessment. Assessment is 4 days depending on the number of people. Assessment is done in conjunction with the Mountain Walking Guide assessment.

Presenters: AQN & Venture Forth

Accreditation received: SAQA Skills Programme on NQF Level 4

Venue: Extreme Life Outdoor Learning Centre
Accommodation and catering are included only for Level 1 students.

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