International and national collaboration – Adventure Institute pioneering new ventures.

Since the inception of the Adventure Institute we have been working tirelessly with The University of Cumbria in the United Kingdom to ensure a relationship that will benefit the South African public. The two organisations will be rolling out a professional development programme underwritten by the University of Cumbria in 2023. The first programme will be a collaborative presentation between the two organisations themed: Therapeutic opportunities in the Outdoors. The idea is that the programme will move into a diploma and later a degree. Other programmes like Outdoor Education and Outdoor Leadership are also in the pipeline as well as master’s degree programmes to support these qualifications.


On the local front, educational environments (schools and tertiary institutions) are looking for ways to adequately prepare their students for the challenges ahead, realising that the current educational system, in its current format is not adequate. More than ever supporting life skills to sustain and support educational knowledge is recognised as critical.


The Adventure Institute supports initiatives or processes where young people are encouraged to calculate risk, explore new alternatives, step outside their comfort zones, take responsibility and be accountable for their choices. They are encouraged take ownership of the results and implications, reflect on decisions they have made, and consider their communities in their journey. Then to repeat the learning process by re-addressing challenges until the desired outcomes are facilitated, outcomes that change thinking and behaviour to influence not only themselves but families and communities as well.


The Adventure Institute is privileged to have partnered with the first schools in this programme namely Stanford Lake College and Woodridge Proprietary School to assist them in their adventurous experiential learning endeavour. Both these schools have different needs and the Institute will follow different strategies. Whether by changing existing systems, innovate new systems or combine the two approaches are all ways the Adventure Institute will approach these unique, but similar needs.


Keep your eyes on us as we explore new and exciting relationships to serve the education sector.

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Dr Pieter Snyman

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  1. We at Stanford Lake College are looking forward to the collaboration with the Adventure Institute and the exciting, inovative road that lies ahead.

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