Reflections on our 1 year Anniversary

On Sunday morning, a small group of us ventured into the inner city of Pretoria to find and photograph a few long-forgotten historical buildings. This adventure started with the usual feelings of excitement, apprehension and concern, all too typical when you risk venturing out of your comfort zone.

We were rewarded by finding and photographing the majestic buildings of a bygone era and much more! We met and connected with proud vendors eager to give directions and advice and reassured us of our personal safety. We met fellow photographers making a decent living taking photos and offering guided tours in the inner city. We even found an open-air church meeting on Church Square. Paul Kruger overseeing the proceedings with contentment and pride!

On our drive home, we reflected on the incredible experience of hope, connection and rejuvenation slowly taking place in the inner city. There is hope!

The Adventure Institute celebrated its first anniversary on Saturday. As with the experience in the inner city, we have a story of risk and hope to tell! 

We took the risk of re-imagining and re-designing training and development in a relatively unknown and underserved industry; the Outdoor and Adventure Industry. We took the risk to partner with existing training providers, and we designed new modules never before taught in South Africa. We took the risk to equip students and business people with entrepreneurial skills taught by entrepreneurs, which are critical skills in this new world of work.

Our risk-taking has paid off by fostering hope and enthusiasm in the more than 100 students we have trained since January 2022. A group of graduates who experience the world for what it is, a great adventure, rich in connection and full of opportunities and hope!

Great things happen when you leave your comfort zone, calculate risks accurately, and are open to connection and learning! The Adventure Institute is only warming up and look forward to meeting you on one of our adventures!

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Francois Nel

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