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This course introduces learners to water safety and awareness. How to be safe around and in water with various types of equipment. You will learn how to facilitate safe water experiences with commercial clients.

Topics include: how to brief clients on being safe around any body of water; drowning prevention; introduction to and safe usage of various life-saving equipment and other resources; emergency procedures (including CPR and emergency protocols); how to get yourself or your client to a safer spot – with or without the ability to swim; how to identify signals of someone in distress; facilitating a water activity, such as raft building, with clients using appropriate SOP’s (safety operating procedures) (including conducting a risk assessment and creating your own SOP); ethics and protocols around sites with access to water.

Course information

Duration: 3 full days

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Done on the last day of this course – group activity simulations


Dr Pieter L Snyman (Adventure Institute)

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Adventure Institute Qualification


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