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In these challenging times, we’ve all faced varying degrees of trauma. This course empowers us to understand and recognize the factors that trigger trauma, enabling us to be sensitive to people’s perceptions and reactions in different settings like home, school, or work.

We’ll explore the brain’s inner workings in relation to trauma and learn how to reprogram it to positively impact our daily lives. By being trauma-informed, we acknowledge that those around us might have emotional or physical responses to their environment based on past experiences. Let’s foster understanding and create a supportive space together.

Where does behaviour come from?
Trauma & the nervous system.
Trauma-informed care.
Polyvagal theory.
Trauma responses.
Approaches to mental health.
How to provide care in your circumstance.
and much more…

This course will be introduced with theoretical class presentations, which will be followed by practical exercises to test and amplify the theory. Students will then have to further test theories and personal experiences while making observations with groups they are working with during the course.

Course information

Duration: 5 full days

Who is this course for?

Adventure guides, experiential learning facilitators, teachers, parents, nurses or anyone who is concerned about their client’s emotional well-being.


Theoretical Assessment and Practical Assessment


Designed to Connect

Accreditation received:

Adventure Institute certificate and certificate from Designed to Connect.


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