Nature and Urban Experiences

The Adventure Institute is a company that excels in the experience economy.

The Adventure Institute is a company that excels in the experience economy. We have fully embraced this new economic activity evolution and achieved significant breakthroughs and positive transformations in teams, communities, companies, organisations, and movements.

We offer various services that experientially facilitate:

  • formulating authentic strategy
  • addressing resistance to implementing an agreed strategy 
  • thriving through diversity
  • engaging conflict constructively
  • nourishing authentic and productive relationships

With the applied methodology of Adventure Experiential Learning (AEL) our experiences are uniquely designed to fit the specific needs of the client and can take place in urban or outdoor settings.

The Adventure Institute’s approach is unconventional, as they use the collective wisdom of facilitators with decades of experience working in diverse local and international situations. We intentionally integrate the latest research and advancements in multiple disciplines into our processes, which are backed by science.

Corporate experiential strategies

Workplace whole brain profiling for collective team efficiency
Individual brain profiling, managing personal preferences and the implications on collective profiles for group success and efficiency

Whole-brain communication strategies and creative problem-solving
Utilising whole-brain methodologies for optimizing communication and problem-solving for both employee efficiency and client approaches.

Simulated problem-solving for optimization and effective team strategies
Creating simulated organizational scenarios that can serve as practical demonstration models to experiment with, learn from and adapt for an optimal real-life organizational application.

Organisational research for relational best practice.
Identification of dilemmas or strategic misalignment by intervening via organizational best practice as compared to the international occurrence.

Facilitated Risk interventions
Facilitating experiential sessions where corporate environments are assisted to calculate intentional risk for positive organizational culture

Corporate wellness strategies
Advising corporate environments on the most appropriate wellness intervention based on current tendencies and practices in an organisation.

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