Adventure is
a state of mind.

We’re all about helping individuals unlock their full potential and embrace a life of adventure and endless possibilities.


The Adventure Institute is a first-of-its-kind South African initiative that brings together deep industry knowledge combined with national and international academic input to provide a blended training approach (online and contact), self-paced, certified & accredited certificates that address critical outdoor industry knowledge areas.

Our mission is to empower a continent of outdoor and adventure enthusiasts with the necessary skills, quality and standards for professional conduct.

We are hoping to achieve this through:

  • empowering and collaborating with service providers with the capacity to educate and train professional outdoor and adventure managers and practitioners.
  • training students with skills to start their own outdoor and adventure business


The benefits of joining

The Institute combines the capacity of the inclusive South African Outdoor and Adventure economy to solve human capital and other resources challenges. All parties involved in this endeavour will inevitably be changed entities.