Senior Lifeguard Award Training

Welcome to the Senior Lifeguard Award Training program, designed to prepare participants for professional lifeguard roles in various aquatic settings such as pool resorts and water parks. This comprehensive course focuses on maintaining water safety and upholding our motto, “Vigilance and Service.”

Key Points:

Each day, we will review and address POEs (Practical Outdoor Exercises) specific to the sector covered. Assessment requires completed POEs.

This intensive program may feel overwhelming, so I recommend additional review sessions before the examination, as well as ongoing support for questions outside of class time. Daily practice is essential, given the high standards that must be strictly adhered to.

Candidates must understand the responsibility of safeguarding human lives. Every patron’s safety is paramount.

Course Structure:

The program spans approximately five days, structured into sessions as follows:

Day 1:

Chapter 1: Water Awareness
Chapter 2: Communication (critical for achieving the 80% pass rate requirement from day one)
Chapter 3: Accident Prevention and Swim Techniques

Day 2:

Chapter 4: Rescue Techniques (theory and practical)
Chapter 5: Use of Equipment (theory and practical, including spinal boards)
Chapter 6: Waterwork Techniques

Day 3:

Waterwork Continuation
Chapter 7 & 8: Principles, Disciplines, and Special Needs
CPR and Spinal Board Techniques

Day 4:

Chapter 9 & 10: Emergency Care
Chapter 11: Basic Life Support and CPR Techniques

Day 5:

Spinal Injury Management and Spinal Board Usage
Chapter 13: HIV Awareness
Recap sessions are included to reinforce learning and prepare for assessments.

Additional Information:

School camp Manager/ Owner/ Facilitator, comply with Dept of Education requirements and get accredited training.
Accredited with SA Life Saving – NQF 4
Prerequisite swimming ability: 100m in 2 minutes (pool) or 400m in 8 minutes (open water).
Course fee: R3950.00 includes training, assessment, accommodation, and catering.
Venue: Konka Camps (featuring a warm water swimming pool).
Assessment date to be confirmed.

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Jul 22 - 25 2024


8:30 am - 5:00 pm



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